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TENS Machine Hire

Non-invasive, drug-free method of managing pain during childbirth

Pain signals travel along nerve pathways to the brain via the spinal cord and the brain interprets these signals as pain. TENS is able to stimulate the nerve pathways before they enter the spinal cord, thereby blocking some of the pain messages that are then sent to the brain.

Labour pain arises predominantly from the uterine muscle contracting and fatiguing, as well as the cervix dilating. When using a TENS machine during childbirth, the electrodes are placed over the nerve pathways that transmit messages to the uterus and cervix to help dull down their signal to the brain, so you experience less pain.

TENS is a very safe method of pain control during labour with the only side effect being that it cannot be worn during the shower or in the bath.

TENS machines can be costly and confusing to set up. At Bloom Pelvic Health, we hire out our TENS machines for $54 from 38 weeks for 4 weeks. There is also an additional $20 cost for your own electrodes, which you get to keep.

To book a TENS Machine, please fill out our form below to ensure there is a machine available for your expected delivery and we will be in contact with you.

TENS Machine Hire Enquiry

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you to confirm machine availability for you birth.

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