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Continence and Pelvic Health 

High quality, personalised and holistic management of pelvic health conditions for women through all life stages

This includes conditions such as:
Bladder & bowel incontinence
Voiding difficulties and constipation
Pelvic organ prolapse
Pelvic & vulvar pain
Sexual pain
Management of all pelvic health conditions will include an in depth assessment where your treating physiotherapist will discuss with you your current symptoms, your health history and your goals of what you would like to achieve through physiotherapy. They will also conduct a thorough physical examination, which normally involves assessment of your pelvic floor muscles.
Book a continence and pelvic health consultation
Discuss current symptoms & health history 
Formulate goals of what you would like to achieve
In depth & thorough assessment
Independent, personalised & holistic management plan
Fitness Ladies
0478 604 693
Unit 1, 37 Cedric Street
Stirling  WA  6021
Unit 2, 7 Minden Lane
Baldivis WA 6167
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