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Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Pregnancy is an amazing yet complex process that involves so many changes to your body

Whether it's your first pregnancy or your third, the team at Bloom Pelvic Health are ready to help you.
Pregnancy related pain, including pelvic girdle, hip, back and pubic symphysis pain 
Hand & wrist conditions
Bladder & bowel dysfunction, including incontinence
Abdominal separation management
Physical activity & exercise advice
Obstetric TENS
Six week postnatal physiotherapy review
Breast care, including ultrasound treatment for mastitis
Perineal care, including ultrasound treatment for episiotomy scars and perineal tears
Abdominal separation management
Returning to exercise/HIIT exercise
We strongly recommend that you touch base with a Physiotherapist during your pregnancy and following, even if you don't have any symptoms. Ensuring you have a well functioning pelvic floor during your pregnancy can reduce your likelihood of developing any symptoms later in your pregnancy, following your birth, and beyond. 
Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnant women sitting on mats touching
Fitness for future mothers
Book a physiotherapy pregnancy consultation
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