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Pessary Fittings

A vaginal pessary is a soft, removable device that is made of high grade medical silicone that provides structural support to the pelvic organs. It can help to relieve symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, including vaginal heaviness, bulging or dragging.


There are different shapes and sizes of vaginal pessaries and an individual assessment is required prior to being prescribed a pessary. Sometimes you may need to try a few different pessaries before finding the one that fits best and provides the right amount of support.


During the consultation, your treating Physiotherapist will discuss with you the benefits of using a pessary and the potential side effects that can occur. They will also discuss how you can manage your pessary at home by yourself and from there decide whether the use of a pessary is appropriate for you.

Pessaries, along with pelvic floor exercises, are a great way to conservatively manage a prolapse without having to undergo surgery

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To book a pessary consultation
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