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Bloom Bundle

At Bloom Pelvic Health, we have created our Bloom Bundle which includes all of your antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy care for a rounded cost of $449

The Bloom Bundle includes three consultations with your physiotherapist – two in the antenatal period, and one following delivery. It also includes hire of a TENS machine and electrodes for labour, Tubigrip for your growing stomach, pregnancy support belt, Olive & Bee lubricant and an array of information and exercise handouts.
Save $200 when you book the Bloom Bundle
12-20 weeks gestation
37 weeks gestation
Postnatal appointment
6 weeks postpartum
Pelvic floor muscle check with the real time ultrasound
Pelvic floor muscle exercise program
Advice regarding exercise during pregnancy
Abdominal separation assessment and exercises
Information handouts including exercises for managing pelvic and low back pain
Information regarding preparation for birth, both vaginal and caesarean delivery
How to manage your body in the first six weeks following delivery
TENS machine hire and electrodes
Detailed discussion with your Physiotherapist regarding your birth
Assessment of your pelvic floor muscles
Assessment of your pelvic organs and whether you're at risk of developing a prolapse 
Assessment of your abdominal wall to determine if you have any separation
Discussion and education regarding returning to exercise
To book the Bloom Bundle
(08) 9328 0501
Suite 10, 732 Karrinyup Road
Balcatta  WA  6021
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